Yoga Retreats Improve your mental health naturally

7 Health Benefits

Good health, a flexible and fit body, weight loss, beautifully glowing skin, peaceful mind - yoga has ample benefits to offer you. After indulging in several asanas (yoga poses), you can achieve the harmony in your body, mind and breathe. And it is obvious that when you are living in the harmony, the journey of your life becomes happier, calmer and more fulfilling. You can head to the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) to get more tips and read some success stories.

undefinedLet’s explore the top 7 unparalleled yoga health benefits to lead a happy and healthy life.

1. Overall Fitness
Yoga facilitates people with the all-round fitness boost when you becomes not only physically fit, but also emotionally and mentally balanced. Living a healthy life doesn’t mean the absence of diseases, rather it means a dynamic outlook towards life- you joyfully, lovingly and enthusiastically you can live it. That’s why asanas (yoga postures), pranayama (breathing technique) and meditation are included in the holistic package of man kind.

2. Weight Loss
Since most of the people all over the world are suffering the problem of overweight. Yoga has its benefits in the weight loss program too. Kapal Bhati and Sun Salutations provide some benefits in the weight loss purpose. Additionally, by practicing it every day you become conscious about your type and amount of food intake suitable for your body. This also helps in controlling the weight.

3. Relieving Stress
Incorporating the healthy habit of practicing yoga few minutes can help you to get rid of the immense stress that accumulates your body and mind every day. Undoubtedly, the effective combination of asanas, pranayama and meditation helps to relieve the stress. Yoga cannot only de-stress your mind, but also de-tox your body.

4. Gaining Inner Peace
This especial kind of spiritual sport has immense power to calm down the disturb mind. Many people go for the vacation in peaceful serene places full of natural beauty in order to seek inner peace. But the real fact is that peace is always right inside our mind. Only we need to explore it in the right way and yoga is considered to be one of the most effective way to gain that inner peace of mind.

5. Improved Immunity System
Our systems can perform seamlessly the combination of our body, mind and spirit can stay in the perfect synchronization. While some disturbance in the mind affects the body, similarly some irregularity in our body disturbs our minds. By performing different asanas in the yoga we strengthen our organs and muscles, improve breathing techniques and through the meditation, we release the stress of our mind. Thus, the entire immunity system is improved.

6. Boost Up Energy

If you feel completely exhausted at the end of the day after shuttling between numerous tasks, a few minutes of yoga can be very effective for you. In fact, you can achieve the secret of being energetic and refreshing even at the end of the day.

7. Better Flexibility
Just include few minutes to practice this kind of sport in your daily routine and explore the great health benefits by getting a strong, supple and flexible body. By practicing it regularly, you can stretch and tone the body muscles and allow them to be stronger. Thus you get facilitated by improved body posture while walking, sitting, standing or sleeping.



Get Relieve from Back Pain


Many people are suffering from lower back pain and because of the reason they need to visit the doctor’s place every day. If you are one of them, it is better to indulge in some effective yoga practices to get rid of the problem of lower spine pain rather than spending money for the medication costs.

Usually the lower back of a human being is consisted of vertebrae of the spine, muscles and ligaments. Between two vertebrae, intervertebral discs are located that work as a sort of cushion. If you receive any kind of injury or suffer from disease in these discs, ligaments and lower back, you have to suffer from have some issues with your lower spine. However, practicing some yoga for back pain is a really effective solution and you get here more information about spine health.

  • Yoga is a Quick Relief

Here are some simple yet effective yoga poses that you can comfortable practice within just 10 minutes. These yoga poses will help you to eliminate your lower back pain problem and prevent you from the pain in spinal disorder in future.

  • Spine Lengthening

At first, you need to sit crossed leg on a mat placed on the floor (you can sit on the bed as well which is not too soft). Keep your back straight and shoulders in a relaxed position. Now slowly breathe and raise both of your arms towards your front. Then interlink all the fingers together and touch the thumbs each other’s gently.
Then stretch your arms from the frontal position to the top. While stretching the hands, you should touch your ears with the biceps of both your hands. In this position, keep your hands for 20 seconds and take 3 to 4 deep breathing in between the yoga posture.


  • Spine Stretch

After spine lengthening, you should start spine stretch, as you need to continue with the fingers interlinked pose. At first, stretch the arms with interlinked fingers above your head. Then slowly intake breathe and twirl your body to your right side first. While doing this, you may feel pressure in your hips too. Stay in this position for the duration of 4 to 5 long breaths. Then come back to the center position by inhaling the breath and twirl to the left side exhaling the breath. If you want to practice a deeper stretch, you should tuck the tummy inside.

  • Spine Bending

Following the interlinking of your fingers, stretch the hands at your front and inhale. In that position, exhale and turn to your right side. Make sure that your muscles are not caught at that position. Then come back to the center position while inhaling breathes. Keep both the hands on ground unlocking the fingers and relax.

  • Spine Twisting

During your yoga for back pain, by twisting your spine you can give a relaxing massage to your back. Keep your left hand just on your right knee. Then by inhaling a deep breath, twist your body towards the right side first. While doing this, you may place the right hand on the ground closing to the right hip. You need to keep the back straight enough. Keep on inhaling and return to the center position. Then repeat this pose to your left side.


Mental Health Improvement

Many people get attracted towards yoga by exploring its numerous physiological benefits such as improved body flexibility and reduced muscle stiffness. However, many of them are not aware of the fact that there are mental, cognitive and psychological benefits of yoga as well. Practicing such kind of spiritual practice has been proved to be effective by several studies and researches. In this article, five most effective cognitive benefits of yoga have been discussed.

1. Improving the overall well-being
Do you feel stressed and tensed all the time? Do you feel over burdened as if the entire world has come over your shoulder? Well, you can throw away these unhealthy thoughts with the help of yoga. As per several studies conducted on that topic, it has been revealed that it improves the concentration of body and breath that helps to bring a soothing effect in the mind of a person and thus he gets relieved from the worries. Moreover, it helps to discharge stress and tension and different asanas (yoga poses) and pranayamas (breathing exercises) helps an individual to stay away from the negative elements of life.

2. Reducing anxiety and depression
In the course of exploring yoga for mental health benefits, you can be amazed to find out the immense potentiality of exercising this spiritual practice in reducing the anxiety of a person. It helps to improve the overall activities such as meditation, relaxation, exercise and socialization. By improving the stress response system of a person, it helps him to regulate his anxiety and depression. In fact, yoga is proven effective to enhance the respiration, control blood pressure and heart rate and thus people get the strength to combat with anxiety and depression without spending money for expensive medications.

3. Enhancement of concentration and memory
When you are too much overburdened with your job or suffering from some mental stress, it becomes hard for you to concentrate on your everyday tasks. Fortunately, the easy solution of this problem is now in your hand. Several studies have proven that yoga is quite effective to improve the concentration and boost up the memory. In fact, some asanas are the perfect way to calm down your sense and clear up your mind so that you can able to concentrate and remember things and perform much better.

4. Improving the mental health condition in the adolescence
During the adolescence period, both boys and girls tend to face several cognitive related issues. Since the increasing number of psychological disorder has been diagnosed among a great number of teenagers, it has become essential to find out some preventive ways for the onset of these mental health issues.

Among several other remedies, yoga is also considered as an effective method to protect the adolescents from the mental illness. Certain types of this exceptional sport improve the physical posture, relaxation, breathing and meditation that help the teenagers to control their anger, improve the resilience and enhance mindfulness. Thus, it wonderfully helps the teenagers to lead a happy and stress-free life.

5. Lessening the impact of traumatic experiences
Women who have suffered mental abuses or the military personnel, who have suffered extreme violence in the battlefields, often undergo through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. They suffer from frequent nightmare and flashbacks. In order to improve their cognitive based behavior of such patients, some yoga like Hatha Yoga has been proven effective.